Investment Process


define blockbiz:

selecting industries with substantial locked values, such as the e.g. online gaming industry:
  • large and highly fragmented industry
  • cash flow problems due to overexpansion of individual actors
  • high affinity to digitalization
  • value creation potential via DLT, solving an existing "trust" issue
acquiring companies or participation in the leading sector champions that represent an ideal platform for the DLT value-creation process.

industries and sectors, in which blockchain technology can unleash it's potential and drastically disrupt the sector.

define blocktech:

supporting development and implementation of open and enterprise ready platforms on and with which DLT can have a transforming effect.

helping companies to transform their existing business and sectors into DLT-based networks, hence unlocking the inherent potential and creating value.

applying the transformative potential of blockchain technology (distributed ledger technology DLT)
blockbiz investment process
blocktech toolbox